The Nap Fairy pillow is a simple way to encourage children in a creative way to nap or sleep at night. Imagine a Grandmother being so patient and teaching her grandchildren to sleep with positive thoughts and encourage them to dream at night and during the day… The simple story of the Nap Fairy has blessed children for generations with the ease of sleep. Just lie down on a Nap Fairy pillow and dream. Wake up to find a balloon, candy, a small toy or a special note in the Nap Fairy Pocket! Sometimes get lucky and the pocket is empty! That means the Nap Fairy left something for you to find. Maybe you find a pretty flower, a pine cone, a feather or maybe a rainbow. It could even be special powers to make you run faster or jump higher left by The Nap Fairy! The Nap Fairy only comes to the special Nap Fairy pillow on the child’s bed, not on Mom or Dads bed!