The Team

 Meet the Creators

Twin sisters Dee Ann Chatham and Dianne West grew up in Elk City, Oklahoma with 2 other sister,
Robin Miller and Jimmie Shelton. Dee Ann and Dianne are the visionaries for the Nap Fairy book.
Their Mamaw would entice the girls to take naps by playing the nap fairy game.

After their Mamaw’s death in 2011, Dee Ann and Dianne were both adamant and passionate about
preserving and honoring her memory for all time thus comes the book “From Beckham County to
County Down: Nap Fairies Everywhere”.

“Our excitement of having this publication to honor our grandparents, James and Calla May Woods
as well as our parents, Jim and Opal Woods, is truly a dream come true,” state Dee Ann and
Dianne. “With our own children and grandchildren in our laps, reading our Mamaw’s story will
indeed bring this childhood full circle.”